Attorneys in Family Law

For those who are experiencing legal family matters, we know how overwhelming and exhausting the experience can be, especially when children are involved. At our law office which upholds family values, we are experienced in all parts of family law, no matter if it's divorce, alimony or guardianship. Our family law attorneys have gained notoriety for reaching the best decisions for our clients.

Our knowledgeable legal team can assist you with the items below for family law practice:

  • Divorce - When a divorce occurs, it is the termination of a valid marriage and restores the parties involved to a single status. Nevada is a no-fault divorce state. No-fault indicates when the marriage is ended, no one takes fault for the separation.
  • Child Custody - Child custody will always be determined by the best interests of the child and sometimes these choices are very difficult for parents to make.
  • Child Support - Child support is a specified sum of money that is usually paid monthly to the partner who holds primary care of the child. Child support is meant for fundamental things like food, housing and clothing, health insurance and educational expenditures.
  • Adoption - The adoption process can be time consuming, complex and draining, but an attorney us can guide you through it.

If you're looking for a family law attorney, then you can contact us.

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